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Get ESA Letter Online for your Emotional Support Animal

Getting an ESA Letter Online

Getting an emotional support animal letter from us is an easy and hassle-free process. If you think your pet gives you emotional support and you really need them to be your companion throughout, get in touch with us for a free evaluation.

What Is An ESA Letter?

An ESA letter is a recommendation that is given by a licensed physician who believes that an emotional support animal would be the perfect companion to help you navigate whatever mental or emotional trauma you are going through. ESA’s are a companion for people who are undergoing stress and its associated symptoms. They offer constant support in the face of adversity. This includes neurological conditions like stress, depression, autism, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and many more.

An ESA letter grants you certain privileges under the law that make living with your pet a much easier experience. To get an ESA letter you first need to get an evaluation by a licensed mental health physician. This recommendation is valid for a period of 12 months. 

Who Can Get An ESA Letter?

Anyone who is suffering from a mental or emotional disorder is applicable to get an ESA letter. This is provided they feel that an ESA will make your day to day life much easier.  All you have to do is reach out to a licensed mental health physician and they can help you navigate the process of getting an ESA letter.

We have a licensed team of medical health professionals who can help you out with an ESA Letter. We ensure that every patient that contacts us is given the best possible health care. 

How To Get An ESA Letter

To get an ESA letter, you have two options. Either you can go to a doctor’s clinic or you can use the more convenient option of using telemedicine to get your ESA letter. 

A valid ESA letter can only be issued by a psychiatric nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, and other licensed therapists.

If you choose the first option it might take you a while to figure out where to get a doctor from but if you choose telemedicine, all you have to do is follow a streamlined process and receive your letter. 

Our Simple Three-Step Process

Register for evaluation


Sign up and fill out a simple pre-qualification form. This will only take a few minutes. Because we treat all patients like virtual walk-ins you will not have to schedule an appointment if you don’t want to. 

Get Evaluatied

Get Your Evaluation

Have a chat with one of our doctors and tell them more about your condition. This is needed as they will have to access the severity of your condition and if or not it qualifies for an ESA Letter.

Evaluation Approval

Receive Your ESA Letter

Once approved, you will receive your ESA Letter via email in a few minutes. The hard copy will follow soon after and should appear in your mailbox in a couple of business days. 

Benefits Of An ESA Letter

If your pet is responsible for your well being, it is recommended that you get an ESA letter. This will give you access to certain benefits that will make your life just a little easier.

  • Travel In-Cabin: Flying is a stressful experience. An ESA letter allows you to fly in-cabin with your pet.
  • Manage Your Condition: An ESA can be a big help while you are trying to manage your emotional or mental disability.
  • Rental Apartments: An ESA letter gives you the right to stay even in a no-pet policy rental without any hassles.
  • No-Training Required: ESAs are different from service animals and thus require no special training to be approved.
  • College Dorms: An ESA letter allows you to live with your animal in a college dorm without any hassles.
  • No Additional Costs: The best part is that you no longer need to pay extra to avail of these benefits for your animal. 

All About Assistance Animals

A common misconception that people harbor these days is that all the animals that are accompanying people are pets. When in fact all of them fulfill different functions and are categorized under the term assistance animals. This is a broad category in which three further categorizations exist. More often than not people confuse them with one another. The only common thing tying these categories is that these animals assist humans but the capacity in which they do differs widely. Additionally, there are also differences in what kind of protection the law provides each one of them. 

Service Animals

As per the guidelines that have been issued by the Americans with disabilities act, these animals need to be trained specifically to perform certain tasks. They assist people in fulfilling certain tasks that they themselves are unable to do. This includes crossing a road, fetching, opening doors, etc. These dogs also need to have impulse control along with social skills to assist their humans everywhere. 

Therapy Animals

These are not individually assigned animals. These working animals can be found in institutions like hospitals, disaster areas, schools, and clinics to help bring in an environment of peace and comfort.  These animals do not require any kind of registration. They just need to have the right temperament to be around people and impart happiness. 

Emotional Support Animal

These animals are emotional caretakers which help you cope with the stress of the real world. These are ordinary pets who managed to become a constant source of validation and support for people suffering from a range of mental and emotional disabilities. They do not require any kind of training. For an animal to be categorized as an ESA a recommendation by a mental health professional is required. 

Why Should You Get A Letter From Us?

Where you get an ESA letter from is an important decision. Here is why you should get it from ESA Letter USA. 


All our physicians and mental health professionals are licensed in accordance with the federal law and thus give out 100% genuine Emotional Support Animal Letters which allow our patients to travel and live with their pets. 

Secure with HIPAA


Your data is secure with us. All our protocols are in compliance with HIPAA guidelines that ensure that your privacy remains intact at all times.

ESA Letter for Housing


Average pet fees for living with a pet range from $200-$500 and pet deposits cost an average of $200 or more. An ESA letter prevents your landlord from charging these fees. 


An ESA recommendation gives you the right to fly with your pet in-flight without paying any additional costs. This alone can help you save $125 per flight on average.


A recommendation from ESA letter USA costs only $99.99 plus once you get it you can live and travel with your pet at no actual additional cost.


You can get an ESA letter from us without ever leaving your house. Our online process is streamlined to be simple and efficient. 

ESA Laws To Know About

The Fair Housing Amendments Act

There are two major laws everyone should be well versed with when it comes to emotional support laws. One of them is the fair housing amendment act. This law requires the landlord to make necessary arrangements in the policy section of their accommodation for your ESA even in places where there is a no pet policy. These changes are then reflected in the arrangement that is finalized between you and the landlord. However, there are certain conditions under which you might not be able to get a rental even with an ESA.

  • If the building is smaller than 4 units and the landlord also lives in the same building
  • If the property does not have any association with a real estate broker and does not fall under the category of single-family housing. 
  • The FHA prohibits contact between animals and public places like restaurants, cafes, and hotels. So, you can be refused on the basis of those grounds. Service animals are exempt from this as per the American Disabilities Act.

As per the FHA. the federal law in support of emotional support animals, there are certain restrictions that have been placed in the interest of the ESA owner as well. These include:

  • No request can be made to get details regarding your medical records or about your mental condition. 
  • No one is allowed to question the training that your ESA has received or about its ability to perform certain tasks the way one does in the case of service animals.
  • The landlord is also not allowed to demand any additional fees or deposits pertaining to accommodating your animal. 
  • Nobody can refuse you admission on the basis of your insurance not covering a particular breed or a certain weight class.

Property Managers Might Still Require Some Kind Of Verification

The FHA requires all landlords to accept an ESA letter written by a certified mental health professional. Consequently, they might require you to fill out and submit verification from a physician or a therapist stating that you do have some kind of emotional or mental disability.  

Your request to keep your ESA in the house can be denied if :

  • Your ESA threatens the health and safety of others.
  • Your ESA causes any physical damage to the property of other people.

The Air Carriers Access Act

Under this law, if you go through any mental health condition then you are allowed to get on a flight with your ESA. Your ESA will actually accompany you in-cabin and not in the cargo. They are allowed to either sit near your feet or in your lap. Another thing to take care of is that you need to inform the airline prior to your departure, as there is only a certain number of ESAs that can board a particular flight. 

The advantages of getting an ESA letter are:

  • The ability to travel in-cabin with your ESA by placing them either near your feet or in your lap.
  • You no longer have to pay any additional pet fees when you travel with your ESA in-cabin.

All you have to do is ensure that your ESA remains calm and composed during the duration of the flight. If there are any chances that your ESA might misbehave during the flight then it is best if you send it to cargo. 

Some supplementary laws have also been enacted in support of The Air Carriers Access Act. They are:

  • No airline has the right to refuse transportation to you on the basis of the knowledge that you are suffering from a mental condition. 
  • There is no limit whatsoever on the number of ESA owners that can board a flight but there are certain restrictions on how many ESAs can board a flight. So, it is in everyone’s best interest that you make a phone call to the airlines prior to departure.
  • Ensure that your ESA remains calm during the flight and doesn’t chew, bark, or growl while in the air. 
  • Your ESA should act in accordance with the behavioral requirements set by the airlines or you might be denied from boarding the flight.

ESA’s At The Workplace

If you are employed and live with an emotional support animal, there are certain laws that can support your emotional support animal. According to the  California Fair Employment and Housing Act, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you on the basis of your disability. 

Your rights if you have an ESA are;

  • Your ESA is authorized to accompany you to your workplace.
  • If your office building has a ‘no animal’ policy then your employer needs to create an exception for you and your ESA. 
  • If your office has more than 5 employees that own an ESA then your employer needs to make accommodations for them. The provision under the federal disability is only applicable to private employers who have more than 15 employees. 
  • Employers are allowed for documents stating your need to have an emotional support animal.

However, there are certain situations in which your employee can refuse to accommodate your emotional support animal. These conditions are;

  • If your ESA shows any signs of aggression and if they pose a threat to the company and other employees present there.
  • They create disturbances in and around the office area.

Emotional Support Animals In Public Places

The current laws in place allow people who have disabilities to bring their trained service dogs and psychiatric service dogs to public places as their companions. This law however does not cover emotional support animals. Laws including The Unruh Civil Rights Act, The California Disabled Persons Act (CDPA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) all are designed to protect people who have animals as companions to help deal with their disability. None of these laws are applicable to emotional support animals at this point in time. So, until and unless your pet is properly trained, taking them out to public places is strongly discouraged.

How to Ensure if Your ESA Letter is Legit

When it comes to receiving an ESA letter online, you need to make sure that you don’t end up with a fake ESA letter. These letters don’t have any standing in the court of law and give rise to some very stressful situations for people who believe they have a legit ESA letter. 

Once you get your hands on an ESA letter, check with the list given below to see if it is legit or fake. 

  • It needs to be written on a mental health professionals letterhead and should have the contact information of a physician which can be verified.
  • The letter needs to clearly highlight that the professional is licensed in the same state where the patient resides. Additionally, the license needs to be up to date along with the expiration date clearly mentioned. 
  • The letter needs to have an issue date as well as an expiration date that is no later than one year from the letter’s original issue. 
  • The letter also needs to state what kind of animal your ESA is along with its name and the certificate ID number.

What About Multiple ESA’s

The law is actually very clear on the ownership of multiple service animals. It understands that some people might require more than one animal to be able to function on a day to day basis. All this is outlined in the American’s with Disabilities Act. But it also mentions the difficulty of accommodating more than one service animal in certain situations.  

But this is for service animals, what about emotional support animals? Here it becomes a little more complicated.   It is all about the practical aspect of the situation that needs to be evaluated in most cases. There are some restrictions that do come into play when it comes to exercising fair housing as well as the air access act.

Living With Multiple ESA’s

If you plan to have more than one ESA, then the first thing you need to ensure is that your doctor mentions multiple ESAs in your recommendation. The Act does not have any fixed number of ESAs mentioned. However, there is a slight interpretation that can be derived if you read closely. It is a little vague. But some landlords do take advantage of this presumed vagueness and then open complaints based on the same vagueness. So, before you settle into your new rental ensure that your ESA letter explicitly states the number of and names of every ESA you are going to live with and the condition they are helping you manage. That is the only way to ensure that no landlord refuses fair recommendation to you and that you don’t run into trouble later. 

Flying With Multiple ESAs

Airlines usually have one pet per passenger policy but if you have a certified ESA letter, you can fly with multiple animals. There is not much that has been reported on this issue as it is not common for airlines to ever deny travel to an ESA. 

The only bare minimum the airlines ask for is a well behaved ESA. The kind that does not end up creating a ruckus while the plane is mid-flight. Your ESA should either sit on your lap or near your legs during the flight. Make sure that they are not aggressive or disruptive during or before or after the flight. To be safe, the best course of action is to call the airlines well in advance and get all your answers instead of letting it come right down to the wire., which can have disastrous consequences.

Emotional Dog Registry Is A Scam

There is no legal need or regulation in place that mentions any ESA registry. These have no legal bearing and do not provide any kind of additional rights to you. The only thing that you need for your animal is an ESA recommendation from a licensed physician or mental health professional.  

There is no universal registry that exists or is even required in the case of ESAs.

Emotional Support Dog Vest

For any person who has a mental or emotional disability, emotional support animals can quickly become a mainstay of normal functioning in day to day life. They might not be trained to complete any task but what they do manage to do is become your constant companions who provide you with comfort, support, and accompaniment.   

A dog is pretty much the best  ESA you can get, thanks to its ability to provide unconditional support to humans. If you have an ESA your aim is to get through day to day activities without any hindrance. The problem that you will often face is your dog being petted frequently or being mistaken for a normal pet. To counter this what you need is a vest. An ESA vest will help people identify that your dog is actually an ESA. 

ESA vests are not a necessity but they do make it easier for you to navigate the world with your ESA. It acts as a distinguishing marker when you step out of your house and at the same time also discourage other people from interacting with your pet.